Fred's Flying Circus and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 03/17/2022

Fred’s Flying Circus When he retired from running his auto body business, Fred Schritt began creating whimsical, brilliant characters that he mounted on tall poles outside his shop. Today it’s a popular roadside attraction that draws visitors across the United States and beyond. Take Me Out to the Ballgame Jerry Pawlak has a two-week summer job that puts him in the spotlight at one of the premiere college sports events in the country. Fans at the College World Series in Omaha don’t see Jerry, but they hear him all game long. He’s spent the last decade as the organist at those baseball games, and he plays a lot more than just “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” He keeps the fans engaged even when the game isn’t always that engaging! Indie Voices: Low Intensity A crew of over 200 volunteer and career firefighters from Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota came together for a wildfire suppression training exercise in the Wildcat Hills. The training exercise was created by the Gering fire department to train firefighters in wildfire suppression tactics, while also prescribing fire to the land. Coffee, Bikes & Bright Futures You can buy a bike and a cup of coffee at The Bike Union and Coffee. But whatever you buy, entrepreneur Miah Sommer invests the proceeds in developing life skills of his young employees who are aging out of foster care.