A Story Set in Stone and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 05/05/2022

A Story Set in Stone Ninety-four-year-old twin brothers Howard and Harvey Kenfield have been avid collectors of fossils, arrowheads, and petrified wood since the 1950s. For 50 years, the twins created intricate sculptures out of petrified wood that are all on display at their gallery in Ogallala. These soft-spoken twins will charm you and their art will wow you. Trading Cards Trading Places Tom Stephens of Lincoln loved collecting baseball cards as a young boy. He ended up with quite a collection – one that he would eventually give away to another boy in the neighborhood. Tom always wondered what eventually happened to those cards. He would find out nearly 50 years later when a knock at his door led to the return of those baseball cards he gave away. Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village Pioneer Village was once Nebraska’s top tourist attraction that drew people from across the United States during the 1950s and 60s. It was an economic boon to the small town of Minden. Today, Harold Warp’s vision is on life support as local community members work to resuscitate this once popular museum. Planting A Sunken Garden Explore the early days of Lincoln's Sunken Gardens and join a vast cadre of volunteers as they dig deep into the dirt to “wake up the beds” and do the annual planting at this neighborhood botanical oasis. Tracks to Trail   An old railroad route known as the Cowboy Line is being redeveloped into a 195-mile recreational trail and will be part of the national Great American Rail-Trail. As the Cowboy Trail nears completion, it’s already attracting cyclists from Nebraska as well as riders from across the US and beyond.