The Grand Dame of Raptor Rehab and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/22/2021

The Grand Dame of Raptor Rehab A window into the world of Betsy Finch, the “grand dame of raptor recovery” in Nebraska.  We visit the nonprofit there Raptor Conservation Alliance, located on Finch’s acreage in Elmwood, where injured raptors are rehabilitated before being returned to the wild. We also visit Fontenelle Forest, where some of the rehabilitated raptors who can no longer survive in the wild reside. Return of the Pawnees Once exiled from Nebraska, the Pawnees are now regaining a presence in their homeland due to a remarkable act of reconciliation. In 2007, Roger and Linda Welsch did what few descendants of European immigrants have ever done in the 500-year history of America. They returned their land on the Loup River near Dannebrog to its original owners, the Pawnees. “Where Time Slows Down”  Sculptor Littleton Alston unveils his early version of what will ultimately be a 7-foot bronze statue of Willa Cather, destined for Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.