Paper Stadiums and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 03/25/2021

Paper Stadiums As a kid, Trey Asby enjoyed sports and drawing. As an adult, he morphed his two favorite things into a hobby that’s a hit on social media. Trey recreates sports stadiums like Memorial Field, the Astrodome, and Wrigley from paper. Today, thousands follow him on his popular Twitter page to watch him build his latest creation. A Trout with Feathers The American dipper is a small bird that routinely swims and dives underwater to capture its food. It is one of five subspecies of dippers worldwide but is the only one found in North America Agate Fossil Beds The diverse history of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument may make it among the most interesting national parks in the nation. Before it became the ranchland of notable Nebraskan James Cook, it was the home of Chief Red Cloud and the Lakota…and long before the days of the great Sioux chief it was a place where prehistoric mammals roamed. Hope in Bloom Spending time into a beautiful garden elevates our emotional wellbeing. Jan Welhelm knew this and to help her husband heal from the loss of his son, she decided to create a community garden for families who, like Jan’s family, are trying find a way cope after the death of a beloved family member.