Nebraska's Dinosaur Tracksite and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 01/21/2021

Nebraska’s Dinosaur Tracksite Our state may be rich in mammal fossils, but we have incredibly few dinosaur fossils. We visit with Matt Joeckel, State Geologist of Nebraska, to learn more about an important Cretaceous Period tracksite discovered in Jefferson County in 2002. Stargazers Nebraska has some of the best night sky for viewing the universe. Amateur astronomers share why they travel to the Sandhills to view galaxies far, far away and give us a lesson on the science of stars. A Story of Hope Lincoln resident Abeny Kucha Tiir, a survivor of war-torn Sudan, shares her inspiring story of hope amidst challenges and tragedies. She has written a book about her experiences and is working on a second publication designed to encourage and empower other Sudanese women who have survived tragedies of their own. “Stansbury Stone Faces” In 1899, an elderly William Stansbury built a brick building in the small town of Nelson and adorned it with 12 life-sized, peculiar looking faces.