Marion Crandell and More

Air Date: 02/25/2021

Marion Crandell The first American woman to die in World War I was an 1889 graduate of Omaha High School. While serving in a support role for American and French troops on the Western Front, Marion Crandell was killed during a German bombardment in the spring of 1918. Crandell’s story went largely unnoticed until recently, when a student project at her alma mater, Omaha Central High School, brought her story to light. Pixel Handler Ami Sheffield and her dog Pixel, a miniature American shepherd, are serious competitors in the rapidly growing sport of agility. They have serious fun doing it, too. Ami and Pixel are reigning titleholders in the 12-inch division of Westminster Kennel Club Master’s Agility Championship (they’ve won back-to-back titles). Ami’s competed and won on the international level, too. We visit Ami and Pixel at their training grounds to learn more about this popular sport. Rez Ball Experience the winning moments of the 2015 NSAA Boys State C-1 basketball game that made the Winnebago team state champions. 70 years in the making, their hard work and dedication captured the hearts of Nebraskans. Sandhill Critters On a ranch near Burwell, vertebrate ecologist Keith Geluso is tracking the diversity of animals. From the tiny Velvet Ant to the Kangaroo Rat, the Sandhills provides a variety of habitats to support a biologically diverse array of critters.