Hector Anchondo and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/11/2021

Hector Anchondo Hector Anchondo picked up a guitar at the age of 16 and has never looked back, finding success on the music scene with his own rock band, Anchondo. While his fans wanted more of his signature Latin-infused rock, Hector felt a calling to play the blues. He packed up and moved to Chicago for a year, listening to nothing but the blues, and it changed his life. Starting over in a new genre, Hector has separated himself as a gifted guitarist and someone destined to heat up the blues charts. Council Bluffs-based Anchondo took home the top prize in the solo/duo category at the 2020 International blues challenge, representing the Omaha Blues Society. He also snagged a prestigious Memphis Cigar Box Guitar Award for best guitarist in the same category that year. In this performance, Hector Anchondo performs his own blues original, "Let Loose Those Chains." A Time Capsule in Glass The Cold War ended in 1992, but the remnants of this historic period can still be seen in the stained glass windows of Strategic Air Command Memorial Chapel at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue. The windows are filled with symbolism that reflect the earliest days of the Cold War – the iconic red phone, jets and bombers that guarded the skies and the people below them, and they also honor the SAC airmen who served and died in the line of duty. Haute Stacker Melissa Stephens, owner of The Cordial Cherry, is not just a chocolatier but also a creative inventor. With advanced degrees in science and a pending patent for her invention, the Haute Stacker, she combines her artistic prowess with her scientific expertise. The Haute Stacker is an elegant display and serving solution for her exquisite handmade cherry treats, showcasing her passion for both culinary and design. Matt Sesow's Paint Therapy Years after losing part of his arm in a freak childhood accident, Matt Sesow discovered art and found it was helping him recover from the long-standing trauma he suffered as a boy. Today, he is a prolific painter who draws on that fateful experience of his youth as he expresses himself on the canvas in the form of bright colors and aggressive lines.