Ginger's Labyrinth and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/15/2021

Ginger’s Labyrinth In September 2013 Ginger Theisen went horseback riding at Mount Michael Abbey in Omaha.  Minutes after she left the paddock, her horse stumbled and fell on her and the world went dark. Twelve days later, Ginger emerged from a coma, just as friends and family were saying goodbye. Ginger’s Labyrinth tells the story of her miraculous recovery, as the memories of her life and career return, one by one, like the pieces of a puzzle. woman’s miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury. “Capitol Fountains”  A final portion of the Nebraska’s historic State Capitol is finally finished. The original designer envisioned a beautiful fountain at the center of the courtyard. That concept was sidelined by the economic constraints of the Great Depression. Les Vilda Since 2007, Les Vilda's run for president of the United States. Even though he rarely earns any votes, his unique campaign style does earn smiles and cheers from those who support him - and that’s enough to keep him looking forward to the next election. “Nebraska’s Newton’s Apple Tree" When is an apple tree more than an apple tree?  How about when it’s a descendant of an ancient tree that inspired Sir Issac Newton’s law of gravity in the summer of 1666.  Only a handful of “Flower of Kent” trees exist in the world and one can be found right here in Nebraska – on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.    Cemetery Walkway In the early 1900s before they built a road to their town, the residents of Nelson built a concrete walkway to the town cemetery that sat on a hill…on the other side of deep ravine.