Experimental Music and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/04/2021

Experimental Music Omaha composer and educator Dr. Stacey Barelos demonstrates how making music from everyday objects can spark a love of music. Tracks to Trails A former northern Nebraska railroad route known as the Cowboy Line is being redeveloped into a 195-mile recreational trail. As the Cowboy Trail nears completion, it’s already attracting cyclists from Nebraska as well as riders from across the US and beyond. The Dundee Theater Opened in 1925, the Dundee Theater is the cornerstone of Omaha’s historic Dundee district and the last of its kind in Omaha. Closed in 2013, the neighborhood theater was soon purchased by the Sherwood Foundation then restored and gifted to Omaha’s Film Streams. The once classic cinema has a renewed urban community design. Today, Film Streams’ Dundee Theater is a fitting place to appreciate international and locally crafted films.. The DeWitty Settlement DeWitty was the longest lasting, most successful Black settlement in Nebraska. Established in 1906, DeWitty was settled byBlack Canadian immigrants and former African American slaves. At a time when cities across the United States were erupting in race riots, the Black settlers of DeWitty and the White residents of nearby Brownlee peacefully coexisted and thrived together. Meet descendants of both communities as they gather to commemorate their shared history. Nebraska, by William Meehan Catherine Meehan Blount recites her father’s poem written when he was 19-years-old and enjoying life in DeWitty, Nebraska’s most successful, longest lasting African American settlement