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Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/02/2020

“Nebraska Land & Sky" A British aerial photography team spent 10 days capturing Nebraska from above. We meet the international team behind these stunning images and hear what they most enjoyed about the beauty of our state. “Dirt Addiction” The bike trails at Platte River State Park are a popular destination for a dedicated group of bikers who ride and maintain the trails. The park is already on a top 25 list of State Park bike trails and the goal is to become a regional destination. We’ll meet the riders who love these trails, including a national champion female mountain biking racer from Omaha who practices at the park. “River of Surprises" Photographer Mike Forsberg and Filmmaker Pete Stegen spent 35 days traveling by bike, on foot and on water to follow a mythical drop of water from snowmelt in the Rockies through Denver to the Plains. “Grow an Extra Row” The program Grow an Extra Row encourages home gardeners to grow extra produce for those in need. This new statewide movement is on a mission to ease hunger in Nebraska.