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Air Date: 02/20/2020

In the heart of rural Nebraska near the tiny village of Marquette is a farmstead like no other. It is home to a nonprofit artist residency program called Art Farm where abstract sculptures occupy more acreage than center pivots. Some 80 artists from around the world travel to Art Farm each year for the chance to spend time on this eccentric acreage, with a roster of more than 800 artists from 23 countries thus far. The competitive program accepts applications from most anyone in pursuit of a creative enterprise. In exchange for a residency, the artists contribute 12 hours of labor on the farm each week. We explore the art and the artists who embrace this unique residency.

Art Farm, "The Next Field Over"

Poet-in-residence Nicole Basta, from Pennsylvannia, shares her poem, "The Next Field Over," inspired by her own experience at Art Farm.

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