A Shared Experience and More

Air Date: 02/06/2020

A Shared Experience Award-wining graphic artist Dani Donovan was taken by surprise when her illustrations about living with ADHD went viral on social media. Diagnosed with ADHD as a young adult, Dani’s ability to visually describe how the disorder affects her thought process has connected with people across the globe. She’s been interviewed by the BBC and is followed by comedian/actor Mindy Kaling. But, Dani measures her real success in the positive impact her art is having on others and how it’s helping break the stigma so often associated with mental health issues. Let Your Passion Set You Free A simple tin cup inspired Chris Hagemann’s interest in the craft of tinmaking. It took him twenty years to find a tinsmith who’d could share their expertise and today, Chris spends much of his time working in his studio creating pieces of beauty and functionality that look as if they were made in another century. Edwina Justus When she was hired at Union Pacific in the early 1970s, Edwina Justus was one of five black women who worked in the Omaha office. Within a few short years, she would become the company’s first female African American locomotive engineer. Shadows on the Screen A filmmaker returns to his hometown of Grand Island and discovers rare footage of the town from the 20's, 30's and 50's. He hosts a premiere at the Grand Theatre in Grand Island, revealing the newly restore footage featuring rare scenes of everyday life.