A Model to Remember and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/27/2020

“A Model to Remember” Larry Bower's current model building project is extra-special to him because it's a memorial to his dad. Larry's father was as a fireman who served on the Ralph J. Scott fireboat that was attached to the Los Angeles Fire Department. The historic fireboat was retired in 2003, but is undergoing restoration due to its storied past. When completed, Larry's model will have a permanent home with the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society. “A New Life for Old Paintings” The iconic painting “Freeman Homestead Cabin” painted by Gusto Strohm that depicts the first homesteader, and is held at Homestead National Monument, was recently restored at the Ford Conservation Lab in Omaha. We meet with the conservator and learn how innovative techniques were used to preserve this historic painting. Producer: Mike Tobias Short: A painting conservator uses innovative techniques at the Ford Conservation Lab in Omaha to restore an iconic painting of the first homesteader. “Hallmark Sends its Very Best” The holidays arrived a little early in David City. As part of the Hallmark Channel’s new “Hometown Christmas” initiative, Hallmark showered their founder’s boyhood town with the Christmas spirit by donating money for decorations. It’s just the shot in the arm David City needed as the local economy has suffered from the closing of a major employer. “The Spirit of Goodwill” Orphaned since a toddler, Steve Hennessey has overcome many obstacles and made many dear friends. He has an inspiring outlook on life and was as a result, he's been awarded the National Achiever of the Year by Goodwill Industries International. “Clay & Bronze Blues” A profile of a husband and wife who work out of their home-based art studio in North Omaha who created a series of 80 ceramic mosaic murals featuring early pioneers in jazz and blues music. The murals are part of an outdoor walk-of-fame display in Richmond, Indiana honoring the artists who recorded for the Starr-Gennett recording company between 1915 and 1935.