In the Key of Glass and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 04/18/2019

"In the Key of Glass" At first glance, Philip Glass and Paul Barnes are a study in contrasts. The former is one of the most highly regarded and influential composers of the late 20th century, famous for his frequently understated and minimalistic music and personality. The latter has been described as a "ferociously virtuosic" pianist who is intensely expressive. Together, they’ve formed an unlikely friendship and creative collaboration born of a chance encounter and spanning more than 2 decades, culminating with the world premiere of Glass’s latest work featuring Barnes at the keys. We explore the music and the magic between these two world-class artists. "Victims of Peace" Profile of Kathryn Bolkovac a former Lincoln, Nebraska police officer who became well-known for her work as a monitor with the United Nations International Police Task Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1999 to 2001. While employed by a military contractor, she discovered abuses by law enforcement personnel, international peacekeepers, private contractors and local police, who were frequenting brothels staffed by underage girls, many of whom were being held via debt-bondage. Bolkovac became a whistleblower and, in the process, lost her job. Bolkovac now speaks internationally as a human rights advocate and consultant. (Originally submitted in connection with Women, War & Peace initiative / tie-in for Women’s History month) "Weekend on Horseback" Held annually at Nebraska National Forest, near Halsey, the 4-H Foundation Trail Ride is a popular social event that attracts riders across Nebraska and other states. The event benefits a 4H camp and a college scholarship program. "A Championship Legacy" Through all the championship teams in the Nebraska Volleyball dynasty, no two players have been more decorated than Kenzie Maloney and Mikaela Foecke. Two national championships, two conference titles, and four final four appearances in 4 years brought the meaning of a championship legacy to new heights.