Guardians of the Baton and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 02/07/2019

“Guardians of the Baton" Hear the long-kept secret of how a historic baton connected to German composer Richard Wagner found its way to Nebraska and follow it's return to the composer's home through the efforts of two Nebraska women. “River of Surprises" Photographer Mike Forsberg and Filmmaker Pete Stegen spent 35 days traveling by bike,on foot and by canoe to follow a mythical drop of water from the Rockies to the Plains. They face killer dams, ghosts of the past and a storm that turns the Platte River into a chocolate milkshake. “Hometown Husker" Hayley Densberger's dream of playing college volleyball was fulfilled in 2017 when she walked on at Nebraska. She has a lot of pride about where she comes from and in her family which helped her succeed. “Plein Air Poet” Britny Cordera is known as the Old Market poet. On weekends the she can be found typing on her 1904 Corona portable typewriter along Howard Street sidewalks. Like an artist painting a canvas in the park, Britny is a plein air poet… taking in her surroundings as inspiration for her poetry. “Picturing Rodeo” Step into the captivating world of Nebraska rodeo through the lens of photographer Mark Harris, featuring his captivating images depicting the spirit of Nebraska rodeo from showman to spectator. Harris spent eight years traveling our state capturing the sport's essence, freezing raw energy and passion in breathtaking snapshots.