Aiming for the Old West and More

Nebraska Stories

Air Date: 01/24/2019

“Aiming for the Old West” Cowboy action shooting is a sport with an Old West flavor. Wearing period costumes and adopting aliases like Panhandle Kate, Stirrup Trouble, and Grizzly Dave, competitors use six-shooters and single action rifles in a skill of marksmanship. “Matt Sesow’s Paint Therapy” Matt Sesow was forever changed the day he was playing football on grassy runway and didn't see the small aircraft coming in to land. He recovered from his physical injuries and continued to excel in school, but the trauma of the freak accident remained buried within him . Then Matt discovered art and emotions connected to the injuries he suffered as a child flowed through him and onto the canvas in vivid colors and aggressive lines. “Sally Bard’s War Stories” “This has made an old man of me in both looks and ways” wrote Carl “Sally” Bard in a letter to his love. Until he went off to fight in World War I, the young farmer never ventured far from his home town of Wakefield. In his diary and letters to his girlfriend Mabel, Bard writes of meeting French girls and also, of returning from battle “pretty well shot up.” “Swapping Stories on the Buffalo Commons” After two decades of swapping stories, the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival in McCook is stronger than ever. We visit with one of the featured performers, State Poet Twyla Hansen and meet some of the local storytellers keeping the heritage of the Plains alive with tales that are at times informative, sometimes challenging but always entertaining. “Battling a Football State of Mind” In a state where football dominates the headlines, another sport is battling for recognition. La Crosse is the fastest growing sport in America, popular on both coasts, and now is finding steady growth with some high school athletes in Omaha.