Fantasia in Clay and More

Air Date: 05/06/2009

Fantasia in Clay Born and raised in Germany, artist Gerit Grimm's exposure to American culture was mainly through movies. This young immigrant is using her experiences to bridge the gap between movie fantasy and everyday reality. Her explorations are the core of her current work. Cowgirl Up She came late to the sport of rodeo, but bronc and bull rider Tina Vanderpool says fearless is her middle name. Nebraska’s Tuskegee Heroes In 1941 in Tuskegee, Alabama, two Nebraskans entered a groundbreaking United States Army Air Forces (formerly Army Air Corps) program to train African Americans to fly and maintain combat aircraft. In this story, Paul Adams and Charles Lane recall the obstacles they encountered on the ground in contrast to the freedom they felt in the sky. Blizzard of 1949 Some old cowhands recount their memories of the winter of all winters - the Blizzard of 1949. Monumental snow drifts left in the long winter's wake finally melted under the heat of the July sun. Two Convicts in a Haystack John Lavicky and Herb Hrnicek were two prison inmates who experienced the misfortune of escaping the State Penitentiary during a blizzard. The two convicts walked in prison flip-flops to rural Dwight where they were later discovered in a haystack. The community took them in, thawed them out, and then stuffed them with duck, kraut and kolaches. Blizzard Voices of 1888 Nebraska poet and essayist, Ted Kooser reads from his book The Blizzard Voices. His poems are based on actual survivor accounts of the January blizzard of 1888. Here are the haunting voices of men and women who were teaching school, working the land, and tending their homes when the storm changed their lives forever.