Lost Writers of the Plains

The Plains have brought forth many famous authors.  But the writers you’ve never heard of are worth reading too  Fine writers have been—and still are—lost for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of their work.  This interactive multimedia ebook explains why eight authors (LaSelle Gilman, Margaret Haughawout, Dorothy Thomas, Bertram Austin Lewis, W. Zolley Lerner, Faye Cashatt Lewis, Earl Guy, Ervin Krause) who published in the literary journal Prairie Schooner (Lincoln, Nebraska) were “lost." Contemporary authors Ted Kooser, Kwame Dawes and Timothy Schaffert comment on why they should be remembered.

Mac and iPad users can download a free copy an Apple Book which explores the Lost Writers of the Plains.

Radio Essays

Ervin Krause

Lost Writer: Ervin Krause

Earl Guy

Lost Writer: Earl Guy

Bertram Austin Lewis

Lost Writer: Bertram Lewis

Margaret Haughawout

Lost Writer: Margaret Haughawout

Faye Cashatt Lewis

Lost Writer:  Faye Lewis

W. Zolley Lerner

Lost Writer: Zolley Lerner

Dorothy Thomas

Lost Writer: Dorothy Thomas

LaSelle Gilman

Lost Writer: LaSelle Gilman

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