Tender Land, Dutchman, Lunar New Year, LCA, OmniArts, and more!

Friday LIVE

Air Date: 02/22/2019

On the February 22nd Friday LIVE from The Mill in Lincoln's Haymarket District, guest host Robert Goldberg and guests had lively conversations about: UNL Opera's statewide tour of "The Tenderland"(1:20); the Nebraska Repertory Theatre's production of "Dutchman" (08:05); Catapult at the Midwest Theater in Scottsbluff (14:36): Lunar New Year Celebration (21:32); Freddy and Francine in McCook and Hastings (29:20); Lincoln Choral Artists concert (37:05); OmniArts Nebraska's musical “Assassins" (45:04); Kearney Concert Association concert with Charlie Albright (51:26); and, the Theatrix production of “Speech & Debate” (58:26). Also, KVNO's Corbin Hirschhorn tells us about Omaha Fashion Week (41:10).