Check-ins with the Arts, Lightning Bugs, Andrew Janak & more!

Friday LIVE

Air Date: 05/22/2020

On the May 22nd Friday LIVE, host Genevieve Randall checks in with the following people to see how they, their musical groups, their venues, or their arts organizations are doing during the pandemic: Matt Sehnert (7:56), Kyren Conley(10:21), and Robin Harrell(11:54); Jan Wright(25:13), Jamie Ulmer(28:01), and Curt Bright(30:22); NaKaya Fester(36:19), Sara Putters(37:40) and Jim Pipher(40:14); and, Mary Ann Bamber(50:43), T. Adam Goos(53:27), and Rascal Martinez(56:14). Also: poetry from Marge Saiser (5:42) and William Kloefkorn(43:11); music from The Lightning Bugs(1:16), Andrew Janak(13:47), The String Beans(32:02), and Rascal Martinez(58:03); and, KVNO's Corbin Hirschhorn tells us about online camps at The Rose Theater in Omaha(47:40).