Carson CEMA, Arts Day, Silent Film, Flatwater, Ross and more!

Friday LIVE

Air Date: 03/06/2020

On the March 6th Friday LIVE from the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts in Lincoln, features live music performances from the UNL steel drum band Nebraska Steel (0:56,1:03:40) singer/songwriter Andrea von Kampen (14:15; 56:00), and silent film composer & pianist Ben Model (26:27;38:25). Also, Genevieve Randall has lively discussions about: the Carson Center(7:13); Arts Advocacy Day (9:46); Gage County Classic Film Institute(16:49); Lux Center exhibitions(32:40); Flatwater Shakespeare Company's “Romeo and Juliet” (43:58); the film "International Falls" with filmmaker Amber McGinnis (51:04); and, a concert with Gagaku music at UNL(58:34).