Pushing Across the Heartland

Air Date: 11/24/2021

Skateboarding is the future. Meet Omaha legend Danny Mayer. His raw, innovative style on the vert-ramp at the X-Games helped the sport reach a wider audience. Today, skate parks are popping up everywhere, providing the next generation of kids more opportunities to find their power and passion on the board. To close out the season, host Brenton Gomez heads down to Lincoln, Nebraska, to talk with Matthew Ratliff, skatepark director at The Bay, a community center that reaches at-risk kids through weekly seshes at “skate school.” CREDITS: Center of Gravity is hosted by Brenton Gomez. This episode was written and produced by Mary Anne Andrei with help from Brenton Gomez. Our executive producer is Chad Davis. Sound design and mixing by Emily Kreutz. Additional studio recording by Andy Bigham. Music direction by Chad Davis. Music by Conny Franko, M34NSTR33T, and Danny Mayer.