Witnesses Describe Aubrey Trail as 'Vampire' Leading 'Coven of Witches' in Sydney Loofe Murder Trial

July 1, 2019, 5:53 p.m. ·

Defense attorneys and prosecutors watch as the jury is shown a video of Aubrey Trail being interviewed by police. (Pool Photo)

Two witnesses describe Aubrey Trail as a vampire leading a coven of witches in the latest testimony Monday and Tuesday. Trail is charged with murdering 24-year-old Sydney Loofe in 2017.

The young women are not allowed to be identified or recorded per a court order.

On Monday, a 22-year-old woman (Witness A) described to the jury how she became involved with Aubrey Trail and co-defendant Bailey Boswell a few months before Loofe’s death.

The woman says Trail claimed that as vampire, he has the power to fly. He showed her photos of 12 to 13 women who he says are witches who increase their special powers by killing people. She says they referred to Boswell as the “Queen Witch” and called Trail “Daddy.”

The woman says she met Boswell on Tinder and soon became involved in stealing and selling antiques with the two.

Another young woman (Witness B) testified Tuesday morning with a similar story. She says she met Bailey Boswell on Tinder in the summer of 2017. Bailey was using the name Jenna at the time. Witness B says she helped steal and sell antiques, but was uncomfortable with other aspects of the relationship, like house rules that she walk around naked and the frequent talk of killing people.

At one point Witness A and Trail made plans to kill someone so she herself could become a witch, targeting two different women. She says those plans were never carried out. One of those targeted for killing was Witness B.

Both women say Trail frequently talked about torturing someone for sexual gratification. Witness A says Trail choked both her and Boswell during sex.

Trail says he did kill Sydney Loofe in November 2017, but says she died accidentally while being choked during a sexual fantasy.

Witness B says she didn't believe all of the stories about witches and flying and magical power, but did believe Trail and Boswell when they talked about killing, saying she thought they would be capable of that.

Witness B testified Boswell instructed her to delete messages from her phone at one point, but says she took screenshots of those messages before deleting. Messages from mid-October 2017 shown in the courtroom show someone texting the witness saying, "delete this number and just forget us. I am tired of you not doing what you are told."


Aubrey Aubrey Trail being interviewed by police in June, 2018. (Pool Photo)

Testimony earlier on Monday also mentioned witches; FBI Agent Mike Maseth says during an interview with police, Trail became concerned about speaking in a room with a camera. Trail asked agents to go with him into the bathroom, where he whispered into their ears: "Witches kill, witches kill, a life for a life, and they gain more power when they kill."

Other testimony focused on the many interviews Trail had with police in the months after Loofe’s death. The jury watched a video of one of those interviews on Friday.

Prosecutors asked about the many inconsistencies in Trail's story.

Maseth says Trail told him in one interview that he wasn’t being totally honest: “He said that '50% of what I tell you is bull----.'"

Defense attorneys confirmed with Maseth that other things Trail told them turned out to be true – trying to establish he was cooperative and his story has been consistent.

Maseth described a list found in Boswell's purse at the time of her arrest that had a list of 12 or 13 women on it. Next to each name was a description of a special power like "healing," "see danger," and "fire."

Defense attorneys asked why a tobacco tin in Trail's apartment wasn't checked for Loofe's fingerprints. Trail told police they should check for her fingerprints because that's where he kept $5,000 he gave to Loofe in exchange for her agreeing to appear in a sexual fantasy video.

Prosecutors say there's no evidence Loofe agreed to anything like that. Maseth testified that despite Trail claiming they made two videos that night, including one where Loofe says on camera that she agrees to being choked, a thorough search of Trail's apartment and three vehicles revealed no videos.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys questioned Maseth for several hours on Monday, and this isn't the first day he's taken the stand.

Three total witnesses are barred from being identified or recorded.

Trail faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder. Boswell's trial is scheduled to begin in September; one of her attorneys has been attending the Trail trial.