Wheat Harvest Challenged by Nebraska's Dry Conditions

Aug. 8, 2022, 4 p.m. ·

Farmers in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska harvest about one-third of the nation's wheat acres, according to the most recent Agricultural Census. (Photo by Luke Runyon, Harvest Public Media)

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Nebraska’s wheat harvest season is nearly complete. While the crop’s quality is high, it’s been a season of drought, freezes and disease.

Royce Shanemen leads the Nebraska Wheat Board, and says drought concerns began with the dry winter.

Then spring brought cold temperatures and illness to the crop.

“We did have a late freeze event that affected a lot of wheat especially in western Nebraska. Later in the season we saw different disease and insect pressures," Shaneman said.

Shaneman says world events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to weigh on growing decisions.

“With our world wheat situation, the war in Russia and Ukraine certainly has an effect on the world market and then also that situation is reflected in some of our input costs and prices," he said.

He says farmers will keep watching the conflict, and keep praying for rain.