Western Nebraska Company Gives Vaccinated Employees Paid Days Off

May 17, 2021, 12:53 p.m. ·

Excerpt from company email features a vaccinated employee in a ''We Can Do It!" poster, with a message: "As a reminder, contact the HR department if you would like to have the two floating days cashed in for money."
Platte Valley Companies periodically sends emails to their associates, often featuring those who received the COVID-19 vaccine (Photo Courtesy Sandy Massey).

While COVID-19 vaccination rates are slowly declining in some areas, businesses like Platte Valley Companies in Scottsbluff and Gering are encouraging their employees to get the shot by offering two paid days off and holding branch contests.

President of Platte Valley Banks in Nebraska Zac Karpf said so far 42% of the 325 employees in the company have been vaccinated, partly because of the incentives. He encourages other businesses to motivate their employees to get vaccinated too.

"Really from a business sense, it also makes sense. It really does position you to have better business continuity, should we have some kind of surge down the road. The more people in your business that you have vaccinated, the better your business is able to operate," he said.

Amanda Otto is a general lender at Platte Valley Bank in Scottsbluff and appreciates the company’s incentives. Employees have the option to turn their two paid days off into two days of pay. Otto got her shot and said it was a smooth process to get her paid days off.

"I think it made a lot of my co-workers feel more comfortable coming to work, knowing that more people were going to go out and be getting the vaccine," she said.

Otto said she’s encouraged to know how much the company cares and believes in them and hopes other businesses will consider doing the same.