State Board of Education field set for general election

May 14, 2024, 2 p.m. ·

Red sign that reads "Vote Here" in white text
Sign outside polling place (Photo by Mike Tobias, Nebraska Public Media)

The general election races are set for the State Board of Education. The statewide primary on Tuesday narrowed the field, and a total of eight candidates will face off for the four open seats.

In District 1, which represents Lincoln and parts of Lancaster County, both candidates on the ballot advanced. Kristin Christensen, who has the support of the Nebraska State Education Association, received the majority of the votes on Tuesday. She will face off against Liz Davids, who has support from the Protect Nebraska Children Political Action Committee. Christensen received roughly 60 percent of the vote in the primary.

In District 2, which represents parts of Sarpy, Cass, Otoe, Johnson, and Nemaha counties, Maggie Douglas and Linda Vermooten advanced to the general election. Vermooten is endorsed by Protect Nebraska Children and Douglas has the support of the NSEA. On Tuesday, Vermooten was the top vote-getter.

In District 3, which covers several counties including Madison, Platte, and Dodge, Lisa Schonhoff and Bill McAllister were the only two candidates in the primary and will both advance to the general election. Schonhoff won handily on Tuesday night.

Lastly, in District 4, the eastern portion of Omaha, Liz Renner and LeDonna White Griffin advanced to the general election. Stacy Matula, who was running with the support of Protect Nebraska Children, did not advance. Renner, who received the most votes in the primary, is a documentary producer who has worked on projects about Nebraska schools. White Griffin founded an organization supporting families with children in private school or being homeschooled.

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The board has eight members and is currently an even split of those leaning Republican and those who lean Democrat, even though it’s officially a non-partisan board.

The balance of the Board is up in the air heading into this election, as four incumbents decided not to seek re-election.

Patsy Koch Johns, Lisa Fricke, Patti Gubbels, and Jaquelyn Morrison decided not to run to retain their seat.