Video: Security Camera Video Shows Fury of 702 Fire

April 29, 2022, 11 a.m. ·

702 Fire FB photo
Security cameras caught the fury of the 702 Fire on a ranch in Cambridge / Photo Courtesy Samantha Jones

There are many stories of people being affected by the Road 702 Fire in southwestern Nebraska.

One of those stories comes from Samantha Jones and her family whose ranch and home were threatened by the fire. Security cameras captured the fire as it swept through and the firefighters who fought back the flames. She posted an edited version of the video on Facebook which she agreed to share with Nebraska Public Media News. Below is her post expressing her gratitude to those who saved her home.

There are no words to express all of the emotions our family has gone through this past week. We sit here and can’t stop watching the footage from my security cameras. It’s unreal to watch how quickly it all unfolded. When you are told to evacuate and have minutes to grab who knows what - knowing it might be all that’s left - it’s the most terrifying feeling. You make sure your family is together and evacuate.

Minutes after we pulled out of the driveway fire crews took over. 20 minutes later - our yard and tree line were in flames. We were safe.

And by some miracle and every amazing firefighter who selflessly stood in the line of fire….we have our homes to go back to. My grandparents house that my family now calls home. The home my dad built for his family. Our prayers were answered. We are so grateful to still have the homes we all grew up in when others were not so fortunate.

This is the emotional roller coaster of not knowing how you should feel. Our hearts go out to every person going through this.

I do know we are truly grateful for every firefighter, first responder, farmer, volunteer, family waiting at home, friends and neighbors. Our community is the most amazing place to live. Thank you from our family.