Republicans, abortion foes may have gained a filibuster-proof margin in the Nebraska Legislature

Nov. 7, 2022, 8:52 p.m. ·

The chambers of the Nebraska Legislature
The George W. Norris Chambers at the Nebraska State Capitol. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Unicameral Information Office)

Tuesday’s election appears to have given Republicans a 33-16 edge over Democrats in the officially nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature.

Last session, Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the Legislature by a margin of 32-17.

It takes 33 votes to overcome a filibuster and vote on a bill. Last session, proposals backed by Republicans to ban abortion and loosen gun laws fell just two votes short of that margin.

This year’s election, featured 13 races which pitted an abortion-rights Democrat against an anti-abortion Republican. There was also one race with a pro-choice, nonpartisan candidate running against a pro-life Republican, based on endorsements and campaign statements.

Here are those races, along with the party affiliations of the candidates, and the percentage of vote each had as of 1:05 a.m. Wednesday:

  • District 2: Rob Clements (R) 57 v. Sarah Slattery (D) 43
  • District 4: R. Brad von Gillen (R) 53 v. Cindy Maxwell Ostdiek (NP) 47
  • District 6: Christian Mirch (R) 45 v. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) 55
  • District 8: Marilyn Arant Asher (R) 31 v. Megan Hunt (D) 69
  • District 10: Lou Ann Goding (R) 47 v. Wendy DeBoer (D) 53
  • District 12: Merv Riepe (R) 53 v. Robin Richards (D) 47
  • District 14: John Arch (R) 63 v. Cori Villegas (D) 37
  • District 18: Christy Armendariz (R) 57 v. Michael Young (D) 43
  • District 20: Stu Dornan (R) 50.4 v. John Fredrickson (D) 49.6
  • District 26: Russ Barger (R) 49.7 v. George C. Dungan III (D) 50.3
  • District 28: Roy Christensen (R) 34 v. Jane Raybould (D) 66
  • District 31: Kathleen Kauth (R) 53 v. Tim Royers (D) 47
  • District 36: Rick Holdcroft (R) 56 v. Angie Lauritsen (D) 44