UNO Students, Graduates Face Mixed Job Market

June 15, 2020, 6:30 p.m. ·


University of Nebraska at Omaha students and recent grads looking for work are having mixed results in the job market.

According to career services professionals at UNO, students looking for internships saw programs cancelled, shortened, and altered. Students who had not found work when the pandemic began saw fewer internships posted.

The UNO experts also say graduating students who already had jobs lined up for after graduation mostly saw job offers honored and started work on time, though sometimes in an altered format.

Joe Hayes is associate director of career development and employer relations at UNO. He said students without job offers at the start of the pandemic had a few choices.

"Some decided to maybe pause on their search for the time being and others decided to proceed with the job search in which case a lot of the things stayed the same," Hayes said.

Hayes has been surveying UNO students and finding many are confident in their ability to find work.