UNL Set to Unveil Military Tribute on Campus for Summer 2022.

Nov. 4, 2021, 4:12 p.m. ·

Render of what the outside of the Naval Sciences building could look like.
A rendering of what the front side of the Naval Sciences building might look like. The Panels can be seen in the background, which are based on the Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington D.C. (Photo courtesy of UNL)

A new military veterans memorial will be built at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The statue will be located outside the Naval Sciences building on campus. It will include quotes that the school gathered from 900 military members and their families about what it’s like to be in a service member's family.

Michelle Waite is the Assistant Chancellor for Government and Military Relations at UNL and explained what the tribute is for and the response they received from military members.

“This project is intended to honor veterans. All members of the military and their families, and illustrate the multiple facets of a service member’s life,” Waite said…”and the response was just overwhelming, not only in responses to providing quotes to us, but also just our support.”

The tribute will be modeled after the American Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington D-C. A series of engraved panels will display the quotes. The front steps at UNL’s military building will be completely renovated, with gardens and community seating areas. There will also be a flag plaza at the memorial.

Waite said the school has already begun underground work to move water and electrical lines, so crews can begin construction. The military tribute is expected to be ready around Memorial Day 2022.