University of Nebraska Offers Free Tuition to Students With Family Income of $60k or Less

April 17, 2020, 10:31 a.m. ·

(Courtesy: University of Nebraska)

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The University of Nebraska announced Friday it will offer free undergraduate tuition to low and middle-income students.

Nebraska students with a family income of $60,000 or less, or who are Pell Grant-eligible, qualify for the free tuition program 'Nebraska Promise.'

All four of the university campuses are part of the program, and students can use the tuition benefit for online programs as well.

University of Nebraska President Ted Carter says the coronavirus pandemic makes this announcement even more significant.

"We know families are struggling right now. We are rethinking every dollar; some may be rethinking higher education," Carter said. "And we want to make sure no Nebraskan is denied the promise of a college degree because of cost."

The initiative is an expansion of the ‘Collegebound Nebraska' program, which covered tuition for about 3,000 students. Carter says ‘Nebraska Promise’ is expected to include an additional 1,000 students.

The program takes effect in fall 2020 for both new and returning students. Students must maintain full-time status and a 2.5 GPA.

Carter says he and the university chancellors are exploring other options for making college more affordable.