UN Regents Approve Policy Change That Could Lead to Alcohol Sales at Sporting Events

Feb. 11, 2022, 1 p.m. ·

Huskers Football vs. Penn State, pregame photo of whole stadium with a few people in the stands.
The NCAA and Husker Athletics released statements Monday, detailing probation terms they agreed upon. (Photo courtesy of University of Nebraska Athletics)

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Opening up the opportunity to sell alcohol at University of Nebraska athletic events was approved at the Board of Regents meeting Friday.

University of Nebraska Board of Regents voted unanimously to allow university chancellors and university system president Ted Carter to decide which athletic venues, if any, will sell alcohol. President Carter said there’s no answer yet to whether alcohol will be sold in the future at Memorial Stadium.

“It will not be this fall,” Carter said. “And what I will tell you is that as long as I’m the president of the university system, if you vote to give this authority to me and to the chancellors, we will never bring alcohol to an athletic event without first bringing it before this body.”

All decisions will receive input from Carter, the three undergraduate university chancellors, and the Board of Regents. As a part of the rules change, schools would be able to advertise and receive sponsorships from alcohol companies on university property.

Chris Wagner is the executive director with Project Extra Mile in Omaha. Wagner was the only person from the public to comment on the rules change. He said it will be difficult to ensure no underage drinking occurs at university athletic events.

“Individuals of legal age are able to purchase alcohol at the concessions areas and bring them to the seating areas where it is almost impossible to monitor whether or not they pass it off to minors in attendance,” Wagner said.

Wagner said binge drinking and DUIs are already high in Nebraska.

President Carter said inconsistency with the alcohol policies between the Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney campuses factor into the decision. Currently, alcohol can be purchased at the University of Nebraska at Omaha men’s and women’s basketball, hockey, softball and baseball home games.

Alcohol is not available for sale at University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic events. The change lifts the ban on alcohol by the board and opens up the discussion for alcohol sales in the future.