The Future of High School Girls Wrestling in Nebraska

May 28, 2020, 12:44 p.m. ·

The girls wrestling team at Schuyler High School. (Photo courtesy of Mark Wemhoff)

Last week high school girls wrestling missed the mark by only three votes to become a fully sanctioned sport in Nebraska. Instead, the Nebraska School Activities Association board approved it as an emerging sport. For now, female wrestlers will continue to wrestle on the boys’ teams, although certain schools may have girls divisions. James Kasik is the Athletic Director at Schuyler (Skyler) High School and was on the committee for the proposed sport. He thinks interest in the sport will increase in the near future.

“Girls I believe should have the same opportunities as our male athletes and be given that opportunity to compete,” Kasik said. “I think it will meet the interest of a number of girls that maybe we haven't ever thought about competing.”

Kasik said, there are a number of schools that already have girls divisions, including Schuyler High School, and he’s hoping that number will grow. If the number of girls interested in the sport grows, Kasik said, there is even a possibility of the NSAA eventually adopting a girls’ state wrestling tournament.