Some Nebraska Campgrounds Reopen for Tent Camping Today

May 22, 2020, 12:33 p.m. ·


Starting today, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is reopening 35 state recreation areas across the state for all camping units, including tents. Although it will likely be a busy Memorial Day weekend, Parks division administrator Jim Swenson said he hopes guests will follow social distancing guidelines put in place for campers.

“Looking forward to getting folks back on the horizon out in our parks, and we encourage them to please adhere to the social spacing recommendations, and the group size recommendations,” Swensen said. “So we don't have to reassess our position on things and have a safe holiday weekend.”

Swenson said the bathrooms, shower houses and playgrounds will remain closed at the campgrounds. And some of the state’s busiest recreation areas will still only allow RV camping for now.