Some Board of Health Members Are Urging Gov. Ricketts to Issue a Statewide Mask Mandate

Nov. 23, 2020, 4:26 p.m. ·


Some Board of Health members across the state are calling on Governor Pete Ricketts to issue a mask mandate. Dr. Brady Beecham is a board member of the Two Rivers Public Health Department and she said universal statewide masking is the best strategy until a vaccine is available.

"We really call on the governor to continue to be a leader on this and to let Nebraskans have the opportunity of benefitting from the best science that we have and keep your mask on," she said.

Dr. Beecham said concerns and political backlash against mask mandates is something Nebraska can handle. Central District Health Director Teresa Anderson supports Dr. Beecham’s comments.

"Tragically, we will see an increasing number of Nebraskans get sick and die in the coming weeks. Science tells us this is unavoidable. But, if statewide and universally, we've masked and strictly limit our gatherings now, and we purposefully address our holiday plans to reduce the spread of the virus, we will prevent illness and death," she said.

Dr. Beecham and Anderson’s comments came during today’s Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors meeting.