Sen. Slama Countersues Charles Herbster

April 25, 2022, 2:03 p.m. ·

Charles Herbster speaks at Nebraska Public Media debate in March 2022
Charles Herbster answers a question during a Nebraska Public Media debate on March 24, 2022. (Photo by Chris Holtmeier for Nebraska Public Media)

State Senator Julie Slama is hitting back against a lawsuit from Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster.

On Friday, Herbster, who is in a tight race for the GOP nomination, filed a lawsuit alleging slander by Slama, who has accused him of groping her at a political event in 2019.

Monday, Slama filed a counterclaim, repeating the allegations and demanding to take a deposition from Herbster next Friday, four days before the primary election. Slama's attorney Dave Lopez said although Herbster has filed his lawsuit, he has not taken the additional step of serving a summons on Slama.

"We will not permit Charles Herbster to file a frivolous, bad faith lawsuit that purports to cast doubt on Senator Slama’s account of her sexual assault, use his national media megaphone to herald the existence of that lawsuit for his own gain, but then take no steps to actually serve it and subject himself to the legal accountability such service would trigger," Lopez said.

Seven other women, none of whom have revealed their identities, have also told the news outlet Nebraska Examiner that they too were groped by Herbster. He has denied all the allegations.