Secretary of State: Nebraska Ready for Election Day

May 11, 2020, 3 p.m. ·


A record 354,000 Nebraskans have voted early by mail for tomorrow’s primary election. That far surpasses the total number of votes in the 2016 Presidential primary election. Polls will still be fully staffed and voters won’t have any trouble casting ballots in-person tomorrow.

“Voters are not going to have to wait in long lines,” Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen said. “We will be socially distancing and that shouldn’t be a problem because we do expect a lighter-than-normal turnout at the polls.

People who requested mail-in ballots should stick with that method of voting.

“If you requested an early ballot, you should vote that way,” Evnen said. “If you go to the polls having requested an early ballot, you’re going to be involved in a long, complicated process.”

If you haven’t mailed in your early ballot by now, you should deliver it to a secure ballot collection box at the county election office or county clerk’s office in your area instead of putting it in the mail. Poll workers will be masked and will wear gloves and voters will be given their own pens to mark ballots. Voters will not be required to wear masks to cast their ballots.