Secret Santa Helps Fremont Police Department Spread Holiday Cheer

Dec. 23, 2021, 2 p.m. ·

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Residents of Fremont, Nebraska are receiving a little holiday cheer instead of traffic violations heading into the holidays. For the past several years, a secret Santa has sent the department a total of $5,000 to give out 50 Christmas cards each with 100-dollars inside. Lieutenant Shane Wimer says residents are relieved when they receive the gift. Some even get out of their cars to give the officer a hug.

"We've had several people cry once they open up the cards." Wimer said. "They just needed that at the time, they're just struggling with getting Christmas gifts or getting their car fixed or buying coats. Several times, officers have been met with handshakes, hugs or tears."

Wimer added they are glad the agency is able to spread cheer this time of year, especially while still being in the pandemic. He also notes how glad the officers are to be able to spread cheer and make a positive impact. Wimer said an officer even thanked him this morning for allowing them to be involved.