Schools in Lincoln Delay Re-Opening Weight Rooms

June 4, 2020, 2:42 p.m. ·

(Photo courtesy of Lincoln East High School)

High school weight rooms have been allowed to re-open this week. However, Lincoln Public Schools has delayed opening their weight rooms due to safety concerns. Lincoln East High School head football coach John Gingery said typically players would be involved in summer football camps as well as various conditioning programs. Instead, to social distance, players have been doing workouts together over zoom, four days a week for up to an hour.

“I mean, obviously with our season coming up in August, we have to prepare. You know, we just can't jump into that with no preparation. So, I'm hoping that we're able to get to things a little bit similar to what we've been having in the past.”

Gingery said Lincoln Public Schools could reopen weight rooms on June 15. He said the team is ready to get back to playing.

“Obviously the kids are ready to go,” Gingery said. “They want to get back to normal.”