Sasse Decries Isolationism Being Pushed By Some In His Party

June 3, 2022, 9 a.m. ·

Senator Ben Sasse. (Photo courtesy of Senator Sasse)

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse took a shot at Republicans who think the United States should return to isolationism.

He spoke Thursday night before the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. It was part of “A Time To Choose” Speakers Series, in which prominent Republicans are asked to speak to the direction the party should be going.

Sasse told the audience the years following World War Two were a time of U.S. leadership in the world that led to prosperity and security, and that the current push towards abandoning that role is a mistake.

"If 'America First' just becomes shorthand for 'America Alone' then it is a dumb slogan," Sasse said. "But, it's an even dumber meaning. It would make America poorer and America less safe."

Sasse said it is more important than ever for the U.S. to lead – because of China’s growing influence in the world. He said the United States must coordinate a plan to put that growth in check – or face a world – including our country – dominated by China.

To watch the entire speech,click here.