Rep. Bacon: A Crisis in Recruiting for U.S. Military

July 28, 2022, 2 p.m. ·

Rep. Bacon on C-SPAN
Nebraska U.S. Rep. Don Bacon appears on the C-SPAN program 'Washington Journal'

Nebraska U.S. Rep. Don Bacon says we need to address the issue of recruiting for our military. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Thursday morning, Bacon said recent statistics show 75 per cent of young people in the U.S. can’t qualify to serve.

He said the biggest issue is younger people not being able to pass the physical fitness requirements to be recruited.

"So we have to encourage and make it a priority to get our young folks involved in physical activity," Bacon said. "This is a problem. When three-quarters of our youth cannot defend their country, we've got to realize it's an issue and we can't ignore it."

Bacon called the recruiting shortage a crisis. He also said many potential recruits can’t pass the recruiting exams and more emphasis also needs to be placed on improving education.

To watch Bacon's entire appearance on the C-SPAN program, click here.