Red Cross Needs More Volunteers to Respond to Wildfires and Hurricanes

Sept. 17, 2020, 1:12 p.m. ·

(Photo Courtesy Scott Dalton/American Red Cross)

Large wildfires are impacting the western half of the country, burning more than 5 million acres, while the Gulf Coast is dealing with the effects of powerful hurricanes. Tens of thousands of people have been impacted, and the Red Cross says it needs more volunteers to help.

Josh Murray is the regional communications director at the American Red Cross of Nebraska and Iowa. He said they're busier than ever, and expect more activity in the next coming months, so they’re going to need more volunteers.

"We've expedited the process to become a volunteer, so we can get you out to get you deployed, and help out in those locations where people are in need of help," Murray said. "If you aren't able to travel, to get away, we do have virtual opportunities that are also available."

Volunteer jobs range from providing food, relief supplies, and on the ground support in shelters, and the virtual opportunities include local communications and social media monitoring. Red Cross Disaster Relief also accepts financial gifts to help those affected by the recent disasters. Visit to learn more.