Protective Order Filed in Congressman Fortenberry's Federal Indictment Case

Oct. 29, 2021, 4:43 p.m. ·

Jeff Fortenberry Headshot with the congressman in a dark suit and a yellow and blue striped shirt with the American flag over his shoulder.
U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Jeff Fortenberry)

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New documents filed in the federal case against Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry will keep certain information restricted under a protective order.

The acting United States attorney filed the protective order in the congressman's federal case Wednesday. It shields certain information that could identify informants or witnesses involved with Fortenberry's indictment. The Republican representative was charged October 19 for allegedly lying about illegal campaign contributions from a foreign national.

In the document, the US attorney stated the order was necessary to protect sensitive information involved in other investigations related to public officials.

A statement from Fortenberry's attorney, John Littrell, said this isn't unusual given the case's circumstances.

"This is not an unusual step at all. The prosecution proposes an order like this in any case involving the use of confidential informants. The protective order does not limit the Congressman's access to information, and it will not inhibit our ability to defend this case," Littrell said.

The public may not hear more about the evidence and accusations against Fortenberry until the case goes to trial, which is scheduled for December 14.

In a video published in October, Fortenberry said he was shocked by the indictment and will fight the charges.