Program Offers Help for Emotional, Economic Losses Due to COVID

Aug. 28, 2020, 2:57 p.m. ·

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Nebraskans who’ve suffered economic or emotional loss due to the coronavirus pandemic now have a new source they can turn to for help.

The new program is funded by part of the $1.25 billion the state of Nebraska got in federal CARES Act funding. Just under $2 million of that is going to Lutheran Family Services. CARES Project Coordinator Chris Debrecini described what that organization has been doing, starting this week.

“So far it’s been housing assistance, some basic cares items such as food, ppe equipment, tablets so that families can connect to distance learning groups – schools, ESL, and therapeutic services,” Debrecini said.

Debrecini said the goal is to serve 700 to 1,000 households across the state, providing housing assistance of up to $1,000, giving away phones and tablets to help people get in touch with services, as well as providing basics like diapers. You can get information on how to apply by calling 1-833-566-0776. You can also get information online at www.lfsneborg.