Private Elementary School in Lincoln Plans To Require Household Vaccinations if COVID Worsens

Sept. 1, 2021, 12:43 p.m. ·

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A private elementary school in Lincoln plans to require vaccinations for households of enrolled students if Lancaster County’s COVID-19 risk dial enters “red” territory. 

Executive Director of Bluestem Montessori Elementary Laura Roberts said because the school’s seventeen students are all under 12-years-old, the school can’t require students be vaccinated, so the decision was made to require it of households.

“My job is to keep my students safe and my school community safe and we know that one of the best ways to do this is to have all people 12 and over in the community vaccinated.," said Roberts.

Remote learning would be provided for students whose household members refuse vaccination, but Roberts doesn't see that happening.  

"We have not received any pushback," says Roberts, "honestly, when we had our 'Back to School Night', one of the first questions I got was 'Why isn't there a vaccine mandate for families?'"

Because of its status as a private school, Bluestem is free to impose its own COVID-19 protocols independent of Lincoln Public Schools. Lincoln’s current COVID risk dial remains at mid-orange.

The full release can be found below:

August 26, 2021


Contact: Laura Roberts

Bluestem Montessori Elementary 


2021 - Bluestem Montessori to Require Vaccines for Staff and Enrolled Households

Lincoln, NE  -- Bluestem Montessori has announced a vaccine requirement of all staff and eligible household members living with enrolled students in the event the city’s Covid-19 Risk Dial goes red. The school has already implemented a community COVID compact, mask mandate, distanced eating arrangements, and is currently consulting with a local engineer on maximal ventilation and air exchange.

Based on leading research from public health leaders, the school does not expect to go fully remote in red with current protocols in place. Remote learning is available to enrolled families upon request. 

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Laura Roberts​

Executive Director/Lead Teacher

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