Poll Shows Rural Nebraskans Believe Agriculture Leads to Economic Well-Being

Oct. 12, 2020, 2:05 p.m. ·

Four in 10 rural Nebraskans surveyed say their economic well-being is dependent on the success of production agriculture, according to the 2020 Nebraska Rural Poll. (Photo Courtesy Craig Chandler | University Communication )

Most rural Nebraskans believe agriculture is a major driver of economic well-being in their households and communities, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 2020 Nebraska Rural Poll. Rebecca Vogt is the survey research manager of the poll and says most rural Nebraskans have deep roots in agriculture, where they or their family members have been involved in farming or ranching.

"Even those respondents who are not directly involved in farming or ranching, they do recognize that their communities are dependent upon the agriculture industry," Vogt said. "The different businesses in their community are affected by agriculture, and they recognize that tie."

However, poll results show only 40% of rural Nebraskans know anything about important agriculture policies in the state, including the Livestock Friendly County designation that’s adopted by 50 counties.