Pink Phone Booth in Benson Promotes Activism

July 7, 2020, 3:12 p.m. ·

Pink phon booth set-up outside an art gallery in Benson. (Photo courtesy of BFF Omaha)

A pink phone booth installed outside a Benson art gallery late last week is getting a lot of attention and is inspiring activism in the community. The booth was created by BFF, a non-profit art organization in Omaha, and although the booth is non-operational, it is filled with flyers and information on area leaders to contact about important issues. BFF’s communication director John-Paul Gurnett said the booth is a symbolic call to action for progressive movements across the country, especially the Black Lives Matter Movement. Gurnett described the booth as a civics lesson in a box.

“We’ve noticed this need for people not knowing what to next,” Gurnett said. "So we compiled information and then decided to take it a step further and make a place where people could access this information. So we came up with the pink phone booth.”

Gurnett said that he hopes when people drive by and see the booth, they are reminded to call their local representatives about the issues important to them. The booth is outside the Pet Shop art gallery at 62nd and Maple in Omaha.