Operation Safe Driver Week to Monitor Speeding In Nebraska

July 13, 2021, 3 p.m. ·

Nebraska State Trooper (Photo: NET News)

This week marks Operation Safe Driver Week. The Nebraska State Patrol has partnered with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance to monitor speeding on the state’s roadways.

Spokesman Cody Thomas said this week is all about public safety.

"The one thing that you'll find is every Nebraska State Trooper wants safe roads, every commercial operator in the state of Nebraska wants safe roads,” Thomas said.

As part of the effort, Nebraska State Troopers are part of an initiative known as “Trooper in a Truck”, where a Trooper will accompany a truck driver in their semi.

Thomas said this is done for two reasons.

"It certainly gives them [troopers] a little bit of anonymity on the road. But, the other perspective that I think is really cool is it builds that partnership. Because really what our carrier enforcement division is about is safety for commercial vehicles.”

The trooper riding along will also be able to inform nearby officers of any dangerous driving behavior they encounter.