Omaha Nonprofit Awarding Pickups to Wounded Veterans

Oct. 21, 2021, 4:46 p.m. ·

Two pickup trucks with the Wounded Warrior Family Support logo. The trucks are white, with red stripes and blue and white stars.
Scott Adams and Maggie Bilyeu will drive these two trucks from Wounded Warrior Family Support (Photo by Dustin Pearson, Wounded Warrior Family Support)

An Omaha-based nonprofit received two pickup trucks for wounded veterans Thursday. Scott Adams and Maggie Bilyeu took the keys to the pickups from Wounded Warriors Family Support.

Dustin Pearson is project support for the organization and said it asks the Explosive Ordnance Division Foundation and the Military Order of the Purple Heart for applicants each year.

“We review all these applications, and we pick, basically, which ones seem to have the most need,” Person said, “or the most, I hate to say deserving because they’re all deserving, but the most need for a vehicle at this time.”

Including Adams and Bilyeu, the nonprofit has awarded 10 vehicles this year to wounded veterans. The newest trucks are being sent to Texas where the two veterans live, and are set to arrive next Wednesday.

Scott Adams joined the Army at 17-years-old in 1986 and served six deployments, including in Afghanistan where he was injured when an explosive device went off under his vehicle.

Maggie Bilyeu was deployed to Afghanistan in 2015, when two and a half months later she suffered numerous injuries caused by a suicide bomber.