North Omaha Receives Thousands in Grants for Small Businesses, Events, & Community Organizations

Jan. 21, 2022, 3:31 p.m. ·

Band playing with violin, keyboard and guitar at the Native Omaha Days.
Musicians play at the Native Omaha Days concert. (Photo courtesy of Native Omaha Days Festival)

Douglas County and the City of Omaha have awarded $192,000 in grants benefiting North Omaha. The tax return funds support twenty small businesses, organizations, and events in the community. The grants ranged from $5,000 to $22,000.

County Commissioner Chris Rodgers is on the committee that decides where the funds are dispersed. He said it takes a lot of work to determine who needs the grants the most in North Omaha.

“You never have enough money,” Rodgers said. “We tried to be strategic, in particularly addressing organizations that, they may have a track record that were mainstays and attractions to the citizens in the district.”

One of those mainstays Rodgers said is the 24th Street Corridor Alliance, which supports local restaurants and museums in the area. The top three beneficiaries of this year’s grant distribution were Native Omaha Days, Omaha’s Juneteenth Freedom Festival, and the Union for Contemporary Art.